Book of Enoch Summary

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A brief summary of the contents of The Book of Enoch:

The Book of the Watchers

tells the story of fallen angels from Gen 6:1-4 that took wives, created the Nephilim, and taught advanced technology to mankind, ultimately leading to the great flood and their destruction. We learn more about the function of the holy angels in heaven, and about the great wars of the Nephilim, the men of renown from Genesis 6 of the Bible.

The Book of Similitudes

is an apocalyptic book about the Son of Man and the Ancient of Days. These ancient prophecies of Jesus are directly in line with what we find in the Bible, and are remarkably similar to The Book of Revelation.

The Book of Journeys

reveals incredible insights about the afterlife, heaven, and hell. It poetically lays out the eternal fate of humanity and the meaning of life in God.

The Book of Noah

is the untold story of Noah from the Bible. We learn more about his mission to save all humanity and the struggles of his father Lamech and his grandfather Methuselah.

The Book of Luminaries

is a detailed account of the stars and their functions. The imagery is similar to what we find the book of Job, where God presents creation and its mysteries to his servant Job.

The Book of Dream Visions

is the prophecy of all human history, from the creation of mankind all the way to the end times and the final judgement. The past, present, and future are foretold in grand detail. The prophecy of weeks is similar to the prophecy structure in the book of Daniel.

The Epistle of Enoch

reminds us how we should live. Enoch recounts the lessons and wisdom he has learned in life, and that ultimately we are all subject to God.

Additional Contents Found in the MSV version of The Book of Enoch:

Holy Bible Cross-References:

Hundreds of footnotes make cross-reference to both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. The comprehensive notes from all four translators enhanced the cross references in the MSV. These footnotes also include relevant short phrases from the ESV and ISV versions of the Bible to help the reader understand the relationship of the Books of Enoch to the Holy Bible.

Parallel Passages:

A whole section on parallel passages with the Holy Bible makes it easy to compare the influence and connection between Enoch and The New Testament.


From the original translators, their comprehensive commentary is perfect for the serious researcher, or those who simply want to better grasp the text.

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